The long wait is over and you are getting ready for commencement! You have been busy with your finals and your requirements for graduation but now you are done! All you need to do now is to worry about what to wear under your large and ugly (but fabulous) graduation toga!

There are simple rules in choosing what to wear for graduation day, here are some of them:

  • Follow the dress code. If your graduation day has a dress code then you should strictly follow it. These may be the last school rules that you will ever follow in your life so bear with it!
  • Be age appropriate! Now that you are graduating you are already an adult and a professional and therefore you should pick appropriate clothes according to your age and career. There are a lot of online sites that can help you with looking for the right clothes to wear and therefore you can take advice from there.
  • Wear something conservative or preferably something that may be sleek. Remember that the graduation toga makes you look larger because of the way the dress is constructed. If you wear a bulky skirt then you may end up looking several pounds heavier in photographs! Choose sleek dresses or two piece attires and make sure that you check your figure in the mirror before you leave the house.
  • Wear something that has at least a small pocket. You can barely hold anything as you walk, march and get your diploma on stage so better settle with a dress that has pockets. If you must carry anything during the ceremony, choose a wad of tissue or a hanky so you will have something to wipe your sweat and tears with, your car keys and your phone with a camera. You may leave all other stuff like makeup, hair accessories and your extra clothes with your parents or in your car.
  • Your shoes for the event should be appropriate, comfortable since you will need to bear with your shoes for two or more hours and if you are height deprived, a pair that will make you look a bit taller.
  • Match your look with makeup. Place makeup conservatively but place ample lipstick so you can look great even when photos are taken from far away. You should look great but no too overdone and of course you should look professional like what you are now!